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  1. custom catches

    custom rods and their catches
  2. Custom Rear grip

    Pictured is a rear grip with composite tube finished with Turks heads.
  3. Sports grips throw down.

    Custom constructed grips from ultra durable basketball material.
  4. Triangular Basketball grips

    Pictured are triangular shaped foregrips covered in basketball material. The sporting material adds a very comfortable non-slip grip, while the triangular shape reduces the amount of force needed to keep the reel upright in prolonged battles. I have chosen maxx grip textures due to the long wearing, sweat resisting properties. The material also holds up well to the saltwater environment.
  5. Raptor Circle Hook

    Pictured is a close up of my Raptor circle hook design along with a micro turks head.
  6. Micro Turkshead

    Pictured is a micro turkshead made from rod winding thread. Also pictured is a custom weave of my raptor circle hook design.
  7. Jig Stick

  8. Snook Special

    Custom MHX SW76
  9. Iron Jig Stick

    Custom Calstar 90 J
  10. Custom Jig stick grip

    Pictured is a Calstar 90 J fishing rod. These rods are traditional jig fishing sticks frequently crafted without a reel seat (deckhand style). A triangular form has been added to the fore grip for ultimate fighting control. The Winn covering gives excellent grip and adds to the already comfortable shaped fore grip.
  11. Marbled Iron

    Pictured are custom painted iron style jigs popular for catching gamefish such as Yellowtail,Tuna,Trevally,Amberjack, etc.
  12. Custom marbled Jigs

    Pictured are custom marbled iron jigs . Winn wrap in background formed in a triangular shape.
  13. Close up of black heart diamond wrap. Yellowfin Tuna abalone decal placed ahead of Fuji Turbo guide.