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  1. mhxwinngrips1

    MHX WINNDRY Split Grips!
  2. Blue And Gold Rod

  3. Green Rod

  4. Mud Hole EZ Rod Builder Hand Wrapper

    Ez Rod Builder Hand Wrapper – a rod wrapper and instructional tool all in one. Finally an affordable, easy to use hand wrapper that is loaded with educational information designed from the ground up for the beginning rod builder. The eZ Rod Builder Hand Wrapper is simple to set up and use. The eZ Rod Wrapper has 12 embedded videos which users can access via QR codes printed next to each clear to understand picture. 7 videos provide the user with very simple, step-by-step instructions for rod assembly. 4 bonus videos are included for learning advanced rod building techniques. Unit comes with main stand, separate rod support stand, 5 rod bands (1 extra provided). You simply need to assemble, provide a pencil and thread and you’re ready to start rod building or repair.

    © Mud Hole Custom Tackle

  5. 2014 Calendar Contest

  6. Bushido_320

  7. Summer is here

  8. Ready to launch

  9. MHX F907

    Mud Hole employee Gary Gillett releases a nice red fish from a kayak caught on his custom built MHX F907 fly rod.
  10. Big Fish - Little Rod MHX HS9600

    When fishing saltwater you never know what you might catch next. That was the experience of Capt. Ray Jones of the Everglades Tackle Co. on a recent trip. Capt. Ray took the MHX motto of “Bending the Limits of Rod Technology” to a new level when he landed a 55 LB cobia caught a MHX HS9600 with 10 LB PowerPro line 15LB, leader Penn 2000 SS Reel. The MHX HS9600 is only rated for 6 to 12 pound line with 1/16-3/8 – so a 55lb hart fighting cobia pushed the MHX HS9600 to the “limits”! Congratulations of a fine catch!
  11. Epoxy Test Samples

    No hype – no sales pitch – no history lesson - just the results. Blind test results from and independent laboratory of different rod epoxy’s after 500 hours of UV testing. Each sample is a different epoxy, some are high and light formulas of the same brand. Some performed much better than others (non-yellowing). Which one do you want on use on your rod?
  12. 3333_rods_lg1

  13. Charlotte 2005