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    148 x 152. 7 layers. Design threads - Bullard's, Gudebrod, Fishawk and Madeira. Wrapping thread - Gudebrod 245 ncp size C.
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    Drying Box

    I built this box, it's 12' long and has 2 drying motors with shelf brackets for supports, now I have to figure out how to heat it.
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    IMG 1178

    Tennessee Handle. Initial wrap with mesh tape. Finish wrap with clear electric tape.
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    Down To Fish Rattle Snake Rod

    Blank: MHX MB874 Size: 7'3" Guides: 12 +tip Custom made rod for Down To Fish Apparel Co. REAL Rattle Snake skin used above & below rod seat. DTF hand threaded as shown in photos. A must see in person.
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    BGR Tackle

    Tiger & JTOB

    Tiger Wrap on a CRB Jigging Rod with a JTOB / Olive Branch Inlay under the guide.
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    Put together 25 years ago and rediscoved
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    20150701 134648

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    Mike Glomski

    100 0926

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    DSC 0196

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    IMG 2867

    © Finn Sommer 2015

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    Fuji K-series tangle free guide with silver smoke ProWrap color fast under wrap with purple, green and white CRB marbling pigments mixed with ProKote high build. Guide is installed and double wrapped using size D black ProWrap thread, and finished with multiple coats of ProKote.
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    Dragon Wand

    Rod: Lamiglas Si 1162M; built by Danny Nguyen Handle: "Rod Tattoo" created by Danny Nguyen Description: Image of dragon wraps around the handle; a single dragon head imprinted on top handle. Image was imprinted then engraved on cork using hot knife. Color added by using an "ancient oriental tattoo method" with lacquer paint (several layers gave a "raised" image)
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    BGR Tackle

    Marble & JTOB

    Marbling meets decorative thread work on this Calstar Grafighter 900XL
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    BGR Tackle

    Cross & Abu

    8 Pointed Cross Wrap on an inshore rod with an Abu
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    BGR Tackle

    JTOB & Cross Wrap

    Olive Branch over an 8 Point Cross Wrap
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    BGR Tackle

    Seeker Hercules

    Seeker Herculese Blank w/ marbling mixed with a thread underwrap - JTOB, Jim Trelick's Olive Branch
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    BGR Tackle

    Basket CalStar

    For the '15 MudHole Contest. CALSTAR Sothern California Series, w/ a Basket Weave Deckhand Style Handle.
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    From the album fishing rod

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    From the album fishing rod

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    MWG Spinning

    Haven´t you seen the light yet.

    © Finn Sommer Jensen

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    Steve Mcleod

    Laurel And Hardy Weave

    143 x 300. Design threads - Madeira #60wt, Wrapping thread - Bullards white linen size A.
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    American Tackle Microwave guides system

    © Wes Motsinger

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    This 7 weight 11 foot MHX Switch rod blank with was built for my friend retired Master Gunny Marty Laksbergs with a milled birds eye maple reel seat, custom cork handles, Marine Corps blue color guide wraps with NCO blood stripes, the Corps Globe and Anchor sticker, and gold ferrule/hook keeper wraps. Semper Fi!
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    Ez Rod Builder Hand Wrapper – a rod wrapper and instructional tool all in one. Finally an affordable, easy to use hand wrapper that is loaded with educational information designed from the ground up for the beginning rod builder. The eZ Rod Builder Hand Wrapper is simple to set up and use. The eZ Rod Wrapper has 12 embedded videos which users can access via QR codes printed next to each clear to understand picture. 7 videos provide the user with very simple, step-by-step instructions for rod assembly. 4 bonus videos are included for learning advanced rod building techniques. Unit comes with main stand, separate rod support stand, 5 rod bands (1 extra provided). You simply need to assemble, provide a pencil and thread and you’re ready to start rod building or repair.

    © Mud Hole Custom Tackle

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    Custom turned handles and thread work on St. Croix blank
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    Zebra Rod

    Billy V's Vari Swirl EVA made into split grips, Mudhole's Zebra Skin and White MHX blank, my RF Lite reel seat with more Zebra Skin on the exposed blank. Pictures don't show how much this rod pops in the sunlight.
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    Calstar 90J Jig Stick

    Calstar 90J Jig Stick (9' 30-60 lb.), black Alps guides, turkshead knot, handle comprised of cork tape, double-stick tape, tuna cord and rod armor. Wraps in Gudebrod red/black variegated nylon, black nylon and metallic silver threads all size A.
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    61st street pier galveston, texas

    a pic i took back during hurricane allen in about 1980 of the sixtyfirst street pier, while the t-head was being demolished, it was rebuilt one more time to the full size, but after hurricane alicia a few years later took it out again it was never restored to its full size, sure miss that t-head
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    This is a custom handle/reel insert I turned from Alaskan Birch Burl. These pieces have a lot of birdseyes, burls and flame throughout. I used an aluminum downlocking slip ring hardware for the reel seat. Balances really nice on a 7'6" 3/4wt, 4pc Fly Rod.
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    Dick Meirowitz of Blue Point, NY with the 220 Lb. Yellowfin Tuna he caught using the Neptune Roller Guide Rod Built by Capt. Neil Faulkner of Sayville, NY The Neptune Spiral/Acid Roller Guides are manufactured by All American Roller Guides and are available from MudHole Tackle & Merrick Tackle. These Guides are a breakthru in Standup Big Game Tuna Fishing, due to the comparative ease of landing Big Fish, which these Spiral Wrapped Guides make possible. Notice the extremely small size of these guides in the photo, especially when compared to other type of roller guides. Although extremely small, these guides have more than adequate clearance for wind on leaders. The guides are rated for 200 Lb. line Test.
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    Cobalt Blue CTS Blank Guide Wrap

    I wrapped 12 different color bands and showed it to Ron. Then I wrapped several different trim bands with the color he chose for the main guide wrap. All Madeira thread; along with the AMTAK hologram frame/hologram ring guides. This was all of his choosing. Had to throw my new ink pen in there, too!!!
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    Dave donated this stunning Reel seat for the Team OC rod.
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    Tony Agutter

    Zziplex TF 50/50

    A new zziplex model red matt lemon yellow and elettric blue
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    Blue cord Butt grip

    10'surf rod
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    Barry Whitehouse

    Rod Alignment Dots

    Alignment dots make it easier to assemble a rod. It also prevents twisting/stressing the sections when aligning. On the female ferrules, I applied a layer of Flex Coat Lite over the wrap (let it cure), drew the dots with a silver gel pen, coated with Krylon Workable Fixatif (let it dry), then the final coat of FC Lite. On the male ferrules, I marked the dots on the bare blank (leaving space between male and female dots for future rod wear), applied fixative and I coat of FC Lite. The silver trim is a 2-turn band, learned from Ken Preston's web site video. Thread color is Gudebrod Garnet, with CP.
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    Another view of my first two fly rods built on Hexagraph and GUSA blanks. The fish was caught 50 million years ago. NOTE: This photo has been uploaded again because the first version was too dark.
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    Stripping guide on a Dan Craft Signature V, 3-piece, 10', 8 weight rod. American Tackle guide wrapped with Gudebrod black/white Classic Twist and Blue Metallic Inlays.
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    The Rolling Table...

    The mandrel and cloth are put on a rolling table where the platen is lowered on to the mandrel and rolls the cloth on to the mandrel very tightly
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    Carlos Cordova

    St. John's Cross

    side view